Our keynote speakers are Dr. Julia Lane (Professor, Wagner School of Public Policy at New York University; Center for Urban Science and Progress; Provostial Fellow) and Dr. Tom Smith (Managing Director, Data Science Campus of the Office for National Statistics, UK). The keynote is moderated by Dr. Craig Hill (Senior Vice President, Survey, Computing, and Statistical Sciences, RTI International, USA).


Dr. Julia Lane will give a keynote on “Making Data Great Again.” The advent of big data means that the time has come to change the way in which we collect and use official statistics. However, that change needs to be accomplished in a thoughtful, careful way so that we don’t jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. This presentation describes what might be done and how to get there.


Dr. Tom Smith will give a keynote on “Data Science for Public Good.” The increasing availability of data sources--such as consumer transaction data, unstructured text, and high-resolution images--provides great opportunities to strengthen our statistical understanding of the world. This presentation shows how national statistics institutes are using non-traditional data sources alongside survey data, building-up their big data and data science capabilities, and collaborating across sectors and disciplines.